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Chocolate candy set "Ruta", 450 g

Chocolate candy set "Ruta", 450 g
Chocolate candy set "Ruta", 450 g

Handmade chocolate candy set "Rūta" is the result of more than a hundred years of experience, high quality and traditions.This set of sweets represents the exceptional values of the candy factory "Rūta" – knowledge, diligence and love of sweets!The two-story set includes chocolate candy with the following fillings: lingonberry and cheese, hazelnuts and chopped cocoa beans, cappuccino flavor, pistachios, almonds, pecan curry and rice chips, marzipan, sea buckthorn, champagne, crunchy pieces of biscuits and dried fruit, Ruby chocolate and raspberries and hazelnuts and chopped cocoa beans.Two-storey box.11 combinations of impeccable flavors. The set consists of as many as 41 sweets.Luxurious, elegant design.

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